Canadian Space Agency: David Florida Laboratory

Internship Experience

The Canadian Space Agency at the David Florida Laboratory (DLF) was an unforgettable experience! Whether it was meeting Chris Hadfield, the Commander of the International Space Station or working with the latest satellite at the time, NEOSSat, my experiences as an engineer heightened. As the DFL Assistant I had the opportunity to work with the Hardware, Software and RF team in preparing NEOSSAT for space travel.

Internship Details

Project: NEOSSat (Surveillance Microsatellite)
Performed signal integrity and extensive radio frequency testing, in addition to antenna pattern measurements and electromagnetic emission testing, to investigate satellite communcations
Repaired, reworked, brought-up, and soldered PCBs while resolving hardware failures and debugging test fixtures
Developed, programmed, and debugged integration software (used to connect hardware devices using Java) and test report server databases using front end MS Access and back end MySQL
Coded efficient automated, regression functions to ensure stability of databases and applications using C++/C# and Java
Refactored and reduced memory leakage in previously written Java based code using Java Visual VM
Accustomed to a fast pace research and development environment
Gained exposure to embedded systems, I2C and SPI interfaces