Airsoft Turret

Project Description

This project was the final assessment for GENE 121. With basic to intermediate level programing, we were assigned a task to build a robot using an Arduino or LEGO Mindstorm.
Interfaced with Arduino, we designed and built an automated mobile airsoft turret - controlled by a wireless Wii nunchuck. With servos placed on both the X and Y-axis, the airsoft turret was able to move based on the accelerometer from the Wii nunchuck. The challenge was to optimize the Arduino code to ensure there was less latency between the communications of the nunchuck and airsoft turret while turning and shooting at command.

Knoweldge: Arduino • Soldering • Mechanical Design • RobotC
Tools: Wireless Wii Nunchuck • Servos • Accelerometer • Wi-Fi adapter • Skype (video streaming via Android)
Team: Samivit Monga, Prathik Muppidi & Charlie Liu

Project Details

  • Project: GENE 121: Introduction to C++
  • Tasks: Concept, Design & Development

The Team

First term. First year. Mechatronics students' first project.


Hardware Engineer

Prototyped and programmed Arduino to control servos and accelerometer


Hardware & Software Team Lead

Lead the team of four individuals in terms of hardware design and software development


Software Engineer

Programmed Arduino in C


Software Engineer

Programmed Arduino in C