McHacks 2014

Project Description

RescueMe is a new application of quadcopters in a domestic environment. Through the magic of heart rate monitoring, we were able to initialize the drone to seek out patients once their heart rate increases beyond a specified threshold. We were able to interpret analog data received from a pulse sensor, then relay the information to two separate servers through an Arduino via a Bluetooth dongle. One of the servers is then used for processing and flight navigation, whilst the other is used to notify an operator (Nurse/Doctor/Staff) that the drone has been initialized, through the use of the Twilio API.

Other applications include:
- Isolated environments such as camping/hiking where health aids are not readily accessible.
- Skeleton model for potential military use, where medics are not available, it becomes evident that the use of an autonomous drone would be beneficial.

Project Details

  • Knowledge: User Interface Design • Interaction Design • NodeJS • Arduino • Bluetooth
  • Tools: AirDrone 2.0 • Arduino Dev Starter Kit • Photoshop • Paper Prototypes • Sublime Text 2
  • Team: Yousef Sawires, Moe Samaha & Doug Cazzilio

Image Captions

Image One: Brainstorming Ideas as a Team #HELLYEAH
Image Two: Air Drone
Image Three: Demo Site
Image Four: Swift, Commissioner of Major League Hacking helping us debug at 4 in the morning
Image Five: Team
Image Six: McGill University, host of McHacks 2014
This video is the pitch and demo to our project. The Air Drone quadcopter, for demo purposes, was limited to fly a pre-determined path to simply show the movements of the quad copter. This was because of the limit space to demo the project.

The Team

4 random individuals - one solid team after 24 hours.


Hardware Engineer

Prototyped and programmed Arduino with Heart Pulse Sensor. Created real-time heart pulse reader.


Hardware Engineer

Configured Heart Pulse Sesnor.


Mechanical Engineer

Assisted with interfacing of the complete project.


Software Engineer

Implemented Node JS framework for Air Drone