E5 Design Team: Robot Racing

Project Description

I have just been assigned hardware / electrical lead starting January 2014.
As team lead, my prominent responsibility is to ensure all electrical components are completed and fully functional. Working with a technical team lead, I have a team of students dedicated in preparing the robot racer for the competition in July 2014.

As a brief overview, I have been involved with:
• Designing, programming and assembling a robot racer to autonomously maneuver for drift and drag racing
• Implementing an automated “one-button” system to test multiple sensors
• Developing an algorithm to calibrate the racer using Motive:Tracker and OptiTrack cameras
These components are essential in building the robot car for drag racing.

Project Details

  • Project Type: Hardware
  • Tools: PID controllers, Optitrack cameras using Motive: Tracker, Robot Operating Systems (ROS), I2C interfaces, Teensy Arduino boards and encoders