Mini Sumo Robotics Competition

Project Description

This was my first year engineering competition at the University of Waterloo. This Mini Sumo competition consisted of designing the entire mini sumo bot from scratch. The robot could not weigh more than 150 grams including all electrical and mechanical components. Team members must derive their own programming algorithm, build a chassis and design their own electrical circuit. No additional assistance was given for this competition. The competition, in gist, had a stadium ring encompassed with a white line around the circumference. Robots must stay within the white lines and any bot pushed out of the ring or is either immobilized is disqualified from the round robin.

After defeating 8 teams back to back, my team made it to the semi finals. During the semi finals, our sumo bot power source became weak and was unresponsive. Due to the unresponsiveness, our bot was declared immobilized and were placed 4th overall in the competition. It was a great experience to get exposure as a budding engineer.

Project Details

  • Knowledge: Mechanical Design • Soldering • Chassis Design • Solidworks • Mechanical Prototyping • Arduino
  • Tools: 100x100x100 cm sheet of metal • Electrical Componenets • Arduino Started Kit
  • Team: Andrew Andrade, Sven Wehrmann & Chris Thiele
Fully Assembled and functional sumobot
Ring Competition

The Team

First term. First year. Mechatronics students' first engineering competition.


Electrical & Mechanical Engineer

In charge of designing the chassis using Solidworks and electrical design


Mechanical Engineer

Prototyped multiple chassis designs to meet design specifications


Software Engineer

Programmed the ardunio code to reduce noise and accurate sensor readings


Hardware Engineer

Assited with the hardware design of the mini bot